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Your item can be shipped one of two ways.   We offer Premium shipping and now offer Economy shipping with our internal delivery service.


1. We offer Premium shipping, which is guaranteed to ship immediately following the completion of your unit's production.  Your unit will be delivered via a major freight carrier to your driveway on a crate/pallet.  This will require access for a semi-truck and trailer to deliver.  The Premium freight delivery will typically call in advance, but only offer a date the unit is to be delivered once it has shipped.   If you live in a limited access area or outside of the delivery area, it may be necessary to pick your product up at the nearest freight terminal.  We will not be responsible for additional fees or compensate for deliveries in these areas.  It is extremely important to provide your main contact number at the time of check out.

The driver will take your delivery off the truck for you, but it is your responsibility to move it onto your property. We highly recommend that you examine the exterior of your package for any visible damage. You should unpack your item at the time of delivery in the driver's presence or you will NOT be able to return the unit if you find damage later on. In the unlikely instance that you recognize damage, remember to note it on the Proof of Delivery (POD) slip that you'll receive from the driver. 


Take photos of any noted damage and email them to us at CUSTOMERCARE@ELBANDIDOGRILLS.COM. It is highly recommended to refuse delivery of the product if damage of any kind is noted. If you choose to accept the freight, you will be responsible for filing any claims with the freight company for damage reimbursement. We will not be responsible for damaged items that are not noted on the POD. By signing the proof of delivery you accept ownership of the property in its current condition.

2. We now offer Economy shipping which was launched to not only provide a deep savings for shipping, but also ensure that your unit gets to you with no damage and only touched by one person before arriving at your door.  Our driver will make contact with each delivery customer to gain an accurate time of delivery.  Economy shipping is routed a few weeks after you've placed an order and it is placed on a"planned routed" with other units being delivered in the same area, along with units from our sister company.  You will still be given a production completion date once you've placed an order, but with Economy shipping, the delivery date could vary from five business days up to three weeks after the completion of your unit.  You will receive a shipping date when your unit goes into production.

Our shipping department will research the address given at checkout to ensure we can safely access the property.  If you live in a limited access area or in an area too difficult to deliver, we will contact you to make alternative delivery arrangements.

Not only will you receive the unit directly from us, but with Economy shipping you receive one of our signature hats.  There will be no pallet or packaging to remove.

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